Aromatherapy Treatment Ryedale

Aromatherapy Treatment Ryedale

How does Aromatherapy Treatment Ryedale work?

Aromatherapy Treatment Ryedale centres on the application of essential oils to the body to affect change within the body’s chemistry through application to the skin and/or by inhalation.

Application to the skin is most commonly in the form of massage, however adding essential oils in a dispersant to baths has also been found to of great benefit.

Inhalation may be achieved by using an oil burner, vaporiser or directly breathing in vapours from a cloth or tissue.

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More About Aromatherapy Treatment Ryedale

At Aromatherapy Treament Ryedale our treaments suitable for anyone and there are a great many conditions which can benefit from treatment with essential oils.

It is of particular value in conditions of a nervous nature such as mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress and associated symptoms such as headaches and insomnia.

Due to the vast array of essential oils available and the combinations of blends possible, many more conditions have found the benefit of aromatherapy.

    Excellent benefit


    Reduces Stress and Anxiety

    How does Aromatherapy work?

    Aromatherapy centres on the application of essential oils to the body to affect change within the body’s chemistry through application to the skin and/or by inhalation.

    The history of Aromatherapy

    Essential oils for spiritual, ritual and theraputic uses dates back to ancient times and civilizations. Aromatherapy was used by ancient Greeks, Chinese and Romans for drugs, perfumes and cosmetics.

    5 reactions during an Aromatherapy treatment.

    • Warmth or coldness, sweating or clamminess
    • Yawning, deep sighing or coughing
    • Headache
    • Tingling or itchy sensation
    • Emotional release

    5 reactions after an Aromatherapy treatment
    • Increase in urination and bowel movement possibly including flatulence
    • Cold-like or feverish symptoms
    • Extreme lethargy and tiredness or increased energy levels
    • Light floaty feeling and elevation of mood or depression
    • Pain relief and increased joint mobility or aches and pains the day following treatment
    Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

    In addition to the benefits of the various massage techniques an aromatherapy massage can be further tailored to the needs of the client dependant on the essential oils used.

    Many essential oils have numerous therapeutic properties and work on not just a physical level but also on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

    Some of the benefits of Aromatherapy include:
    • reduction in anxiety, depression, tension and stress
    • stabilising mood
    • boosting energy levels
    • encouraging healing
    • reduction in headaches
    • support of cognitive function
    • reducing pain
    • improving sleep
    • improving respiratory health
    • supporting the immune system
    • improving circulation
    • support of digestion
    • combatting nausea
    • providing relief from uncomfortable skin conditions
    • helping with relaxation
    • maintaining healthy joints and muscles
    • stabilising blood pressure

    What are essential oils?
    Essential oils are volatile, highly odoriferous secondary metabolite extracts of botanical plant material.
    Where do essential oils come from?

    Essential oils come from the plant’s secretory glands which may be found in leaves, flowers, buds, berries, fruit, seeds, roots, rhizomes, bark or heart wood; their location being dependant on the family or species of plant.

    Some plants may only produce one essential oil while another may produce several, for example the Black Pepper vine Piper nigrum from the PIPERACEAE family produces the familiar condiment black pepper which are the dried peppercorns from which a single essential oil is extracted whereas the Bitter Orange tree of the RUTACEA family produces multiple essential oils: Petitgrain from the leaves and twigs, Neroli from the blossoms and Bitter Orange Bigrade from the fruit peel.

    Why is it necessary to complete a consultation?

    The consultation is part of the legal requirement of keeping a confidential patient record which must be kept for 8 years.

    Its function is to gather such information as is required by the therapist so that they can make an informed prescription of the treatment proposed.

    The consultation should include aspects on the physical, mental and emotional state of the client’s health as well as surrounding environmental factors which may impact their overall health or their ability to recover and by doing do, the consultation should also highlight to the client that they are in charge of their own wellbeing.

    Updating the patient record must be done with any notifications of changes in the client’s health and with each therapy administered and therefore mini consultations, usually of no more than 5 minutes each before and after each treatment for client feedback are necessary for accurate record keeping and help with assessing the efficacy of the treatment.

    Use of essential oils

    Certain caveats apply to the use of essential oils:

    • only high quality, pure essential oils should be used and they should be purchased from a specialist supplier to assure their quality


    • a suitable carrier oil should be used to dilute the essential oil as neat oils should not be applied directly to the skin as this may cause skin sensitisation and, in some cases, burning


    • essential oils should not be swallowed or used internally unless prescribed by a qualified aromatologist and these should only be used with their supervision
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