What is Holistic Therapy

The word Holistic domes from the Greek word Holos meaning the whole of something.

Instead of looking at a specific symptom we will look at underlying causes taking into consideration all your health and wellbeing.

Holistic Therapy Ryedale


Our Holistic Treatments include:

Holistic Therapy Ryedale takes the form of three different forms of treatment including Aromatherapy, Clinical Reflexology and Reiki.

Combined or separately these can form a powerful natural treatment.

Here at Holistic Therapy Ryedale we practice as qualified Clinical Therapists.


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How does Holistic Therapy Work?

Whole books have been written on the subject of how Holistic Therapy Works.

New discoveries emerge constantly as more is learned about the human body, in turn new Holistiic Treatments are developed to help the patient.

Each of our treatments is explained in full on the following links below… 

Holistic Treatment Ryedale

Our Clinical Holistic Therapy Treatment Ryedale is made up from three complimentary therapies

Please explore the benefits of these treatments by following the links.


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How does Reflexology work?

About Pippa Verity

Pippa Verityy started out her carreer in Clinical Holistic Therapy firstly by qualifying as an Aromatherapist.

After a couple of years Pippa decided she could help more of her clients by expanding her skills by qualifying as.

Pippa Verity

Clinical Therapist




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